Program Development

The Program Development team at Freedom Services has designed and implemented a diverse array of programs for our partners including a number of proprietary systems that have been customized to meet the specific needs of our partners' operations. The strong communication, organizational and technical skills possessed by our Program Development team has enabled them to obtain the information that is essential to developing a solution that surpasses the requirements of our partners. The Freedom Services'  Program Development team has successfully developed and put into operation the following programs:

  • Sophisticated loan portfolio programs that track loans, including payment activity, interest accruals, amortizations, liquidity facilities, swaps, borrower and guarantor data. This module also includes an expansive reporting package that ensures compliance with all of a program's underlying documents.
  • Risk Management Information System that includes medical bill re-pricing, automatic wage calculation, policy register, entity tracking, claim reporting, diary, form generation, word processing, image capabilities and reporting at various operational levels.
  • Help Desk System that tracks customer relationships, processes support requests, schedules and dispatches service personnel, monitors alerts, tracks billable time and produces real time reports.



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