Loan Portfolio Management - Program Administration


Liquidity Facilities

Freedom Services recognizes the importance that back-up facilities play for our partners’ programs.  Whether you are marketing a new facility, renewing an expiring facility or monitoring the loan portfolio activity to ensure compliance with an existing facility, Freedom Services provides the support and expertise that you need.  With over thirty years of combined experience working with specialized finance vehicles, Freedom Services team of professionals customizes its services to meet each of our partner’s specific requirements.  Typical services encompass: 

  • Freedom Services' team of professionals will be actively involved in the renewal and/or marketing of your liquidity facility, including the preparation of a variety of schedules and analytical reports that are critical to the bank group that supports your program.
  • Commitment levels, rates, effective dates and all other pertinent information for the liquidity facility are maintained in a proprietary system which interfaces with the programs that are used to monitor the loan and funding activity.  These compliance controls have proven successful in preventing any transactions from being processed that do not adhere to the governing documents.
  • Freedom Services will prepare the invoices and supporting schedules that are needed to validate the fees that are paid to the liquidity banks.
  • Daily, monthly and/or quarterly compliance reports are prepared and distributed to the appropriate parties.



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