Accounting - Reporting


Financial Statements

Freedom Services' accounting professionals have worked closely with our partners' audit firms to develop interim and period end reporting that is informative, GAAP compliant and responsive to the needs of every organization. Services offered to our partners include:

  • Individual corporate and consolidated unaudited interim financial statements produced on a monthly or period end basis. 
  • Cash transactions and accruals are reconciled to the financial statements on a monthly basis with a summary and detail transaction report distributed to our partners' management team for review. 
  • Consolidating trial balances are produced monthly and include line item totals for each reporting entity within an organization as well as eliminating entries. 
  • Interim schedules are completed and submitted to the audit committee upon request. 
  • Year-end financial statements, supporting schedules and footnotes are submitted to the audit committee for comments and review.  All comments and recommended changes received from the auditors are discussed with your organization's audit committee and management team prior to being incorporated into the financial statements. 



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