IT Management

Freedom Services goal is to protect the integrity and manage the unique technical requirements of our partners. Our team of IT professionals specializes in the development, installation and implementation of computer systems and applications. Freedom Services' IT team will assist you in making sure that the technology that supports your business operation is up to date and will recommend the most cost-effective solutions the industry has to offer, deliver the project on time and within the proposed budget. Key services the IT professionals of Freedom Services have provided our partners with are:

  • The installation and maintenance of networking computer hardware, software and anti-virus protection.
  • The installation and maintenance of firewalls that has prevent unauthorized users from accessing a system that is connected to the Internet or intranets.
  • Designed systems that handle information processing, transmission and storage.
  • Remote access that allows users to connect securely to their Local Area Network enabling authorized personnel to retrieve email and access internal and/or web-based Intranet applications.
  • Backup solutions that allow authorized personnel to have access to their data in case of hardware failure, accidental deletion or file corruption.
  • A remote office space set up that has the necessary equipment to continue operations in case our partner's primary location becomes unavailable.
  • Performed an assessment of the information technology activities and the related processes testing to ensure that the appropriate controls and safeguards are in place.
  • Integrated new systems with existing systems and processes.



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