Loan Portfolio Management - Accounting and Management Reporting


Management Reports

Freedom Services works with each of its partners to develop customized reports that address the specific needs of each management tier.  From high level operation reports that are distributed to Board members to detail transaction reports that are used to monitor daily loan activity, our accounting professionals are skilled in compiling comprehensive information that is targeted to a specific audience.  While the number and types of reports that are prepared vary by loan portfolio, some of the traditional reports/analysis completed include:

  • Daily compliance reports designed to satisfy the reporting requirements detailed in the underlying documents.
  • Funding costs are compared to LIBOR and/or indices that may more closely match a particular program structure.
  • Objectives of a pricing structure are analyzed in comparison to actual results and changing economic conditions. This analysis can be completed for an entire loan portfolio or a specified subset and is particularly useful when establishing pricing criteria for new loans.
  • Analysis of the impact that changing economic conditions could have on floating rate loan products.
  • Monthly/quarterly performance reports are designed to fit each of our partners reporting structures.
  • Preparation of presentations for management and/or Board of Directors’ meetings.
  • In addition to a large selection of standardized reports, a wide range of ad-hoc reports can be produced or modified to satisfy your specific reporting requirements.



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