Loan Portfolio Management


Tax and Statutory Compliance

One of the key components of managing a loan portfolio is to ensure that all of the tax and statutory requirements are met for each of the states that an organization is licensed to do business in.  Freedom Services’ team of professionals has practical experience working in all fifty states and a significant number of local jurisdictions.   Services that are made available to our partners include:


  • Freedom Services will complete and file the required federal, state and local tax returns, including supporting schedules, for your program. The software that our professionals utilize covers all fifty states and a majority of the local jurisdictions.
  • Filing of extensions when necessary.
  • Preparation and maintenance of a comprehensive tax calendar to ensure that deadlines are adhered to.
  • Status reports are prepared and distributed to key personnel so that our partners are aware of which returns have been completed and any deadlines that are approaching.
  • Estimated tax payments are calculated based upon actual and projected activity. These recommendations are submitted to our partners for approval prior to the due date.

Statutory Compliance

  • Freedom Services will maintain a calendar of required filings for each of our partners' operating entities to ensure that all reports are prepared and filed on a timely basis. The latest software technology is utilized when preparing these filings on behalf of our partners.
  • The practical experience that our team of professionals has in the reporting requirements that an organization must comply with helps to minimize our partner’s cost of doing business in a particular state or local jurisdiction.
  • Coordination of filings with our partner’s registered agent.
  • Our team of professionals will periodically review the status of each of our partners operating entities to ensure that these entities are in “Good Standing” in each state that they are registered to do business in.



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