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Processing and Maintenance

Freedom Services has leveraged the practical knowledge of its team of professionals to provide its partners with proven independent financial asset management services. We recognize the importance of ensuring that the controls and guidelines that have been carefully structured and put in place are adhered to on a daily basis. Freedom Services builds these controls into the programs it utilizes resulting in a cost effective process that minimizes the risks associated with managing a loan portfolio. We offer our partners a wide range of services that are flexible and can be customized to meet the unique requirements of any program. Features of Freedom Services Loan Portfolio Processing and Maintenance module include:

  • A proprietary system, which can be customized to meet the unique needs of a product line or program, is used to track key information and activity for each loan in the portfolio.
  • Principal and interest transactions reference source documents and are reconciled on a daily basis. Controls built into the system prevent undocumented transactions from being processed.
  • Daily interest accruals are generated with statements available in electronic and/or paper format on a date that is unique to a particular loan or the entire portfolio.
  • Floating interest rates can be updated across the entire portfolio or based upon unique indices.
  • Amortization schedules, which incorporate projected economic conditions, are generated for each loan in the portfolio.
  • Fixed and floating principal and interest payments are available for floating rate products. Tools are built into the system, which monitor fixed payment activity in an effort to minimize balloon payments at maturity.
  • Payoff information on an individual loan is available electronically or in hard copy format.
  • Monitoring tools are in place to flag loans whose payments have not been received on a timely basis. This enables the borrower to be contacted prior to the loan becoming delinquent or going into default.
  • Collateral and guarantor information can be tracked at a variety of levels.
  • Notes at the borrower and/or loan level ensure that most up to date information is available to the team member that is responding to each of our partners’ inquiries.
  • Watch list reports are prepared utilizing specific program criteria.
  • Structural hierarchy is defined based upon our partners reporting needs as well as those of their back-up facilities and the rating agencies.



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