Loan Portfolio Management - Program Administration


Document Compliance

Crucial to the effective operation of any loan portfolio is ensuring that the controls and guidelines that have been carefully structured and put in place are adhered to on a daily basis.  Freedom Services takes pride in the fact that it is able to provide its partners with the highest level of service in this area.  A proprietary system which will be customized to meet the specific needs of your organization is used to track the individual components of every loan in the portfolio.  The flexibility of these programs combined with the experience of Freedom Services' team of professionals provides our partners with the assurance that every detail of their loan portfolio is closely monitored.  Features included in this process are: 

  • Daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly reports and/or tests are completed as required by the governing documents.
  • Borrower reporting requirements are maintained in the loan system with key deadlines flagged and monitored for adherence.
  • Borrower financial reports are reviewed for accuracy and financial ratios are compared to credit policies to ensure continued compliance.  Designated parties are immediately notified of exceptions and provided with a proposed plan of action.
  • Accessibility to lock box accounts and corresponding authorization letters are monitored on a regular basis.



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