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Liens and UCC Filings

In today’s economic environment, it is crucial that your interests in the underlying assets that are being used as collateral to support your borrower’s loans are protected.  Freedom Services recognizes this crucial component to managing a loan portfolio and takes the necessary steps to ensure that liens are accurately perfected in a timely manner and that all filings are completed within requisite deadlines.  Some of the many services provided to our partners incorporate: 

  • A sophisticated database that has been developed to diary and track required liens and UCC filings on a loan by loan basis.
  • A thorough search is completed for each loan to ensure that filings are made against the correct ownership entity.  Freedom Services recognizes the importance of this process and will take all of the steps necessary to protect the program in the case of a default or bankruptcy.
  • Filings are completed and/or updated prior to the stipulated deadlines.
  • Reports detailing the filings that are in place along with their corresponding effective/expiration dates will be made available for each loan in the portfolio.



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