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Freedom Services
specializes in providing independent financial asset management services. The practical experience our team of professionals has in the creation, management and operation of sophisticated asset-backed companies provides our partners with innovative and cost effective services.  Freedom Services understands the importance of ensuring that every program remains in compliance with its underlying documents and has integrated a series of compliance controls into the proprietary systems it has developed. These systems utilize state of the art technology and will be customized to meet the unique needs of any program without sacrificing efficiency.

In today’s competitive business environment it is imperative that companies effectively utilize resources to produce consistent positive growth.  Freedom Services provides an innovative alternative to manage your programs effectively at an extremely competitive cost.  Freedom Services' team of professionals will provide personalized service and a suite of customized management reports that supply you with up to the minute information on the status of your program.  Freedom Services' goal is to assist its partners in achieving the objectives established for their programs in a cost effective and efficient manner that does not sacrifice customer service or creativity.




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