Loan Portfolio Management


Computer Systems

The protection of our partners’ data is crucial to the success of their operation.  Freedom Services has developed a system that provides easy assess to information without sacrificing any of the security that is critical to safeguarding our partners’ assets.  Our multi-currency system has the flexibility to meet the needs of even the most sophisticated programs while remaining a cost effective option for our partners.  Freedom Services' team of professionals is experienced in customizing these programs and is able to convert data from virtually any system.  Highlights of the functionality that is available to our partners include:

  • Proprietary software which can be customized to meet the specific needs of any organization.  To ensure the integrity of the system, any changes made to the programs are tested in a parallel environment prior to being moved into production.
  • Data from outside sources can be converted and customized to fit the unique needs of each of our partners.
  • Access to the system can be secured at a number of different levels including user groups, applications, screens or specific fields.
  • Secure remote access can be made available at the partner and/or borrower level.
  • A sophisticated series of firewalls and system level security is in place to prevent unauthorized access to the programs or our partners’ data files.  System and security logs are reviewed for abnormalities on a regular basis.
  • Program and data files are backed up on a daily basis and are rotated to an off-site storage facility based upon each of our partners’ specified guidelines.
  • Disaster recovery plans are in place and tested on a regular basis to ensure minimal down time in the case of an emergency.



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