Freedom Services' team of professionals has over thirty years of combined experience in the fields of finance, accounting, tax and system development.  Our goal is to utilize this expertise to assist our partners in meeting and exceeding the objectives that have been established for their particular organization or project.  Freedom Services has proven success in:

  • Management of programs with assets ranging in size from $100 million to in excess of $750 million
  • Asset securitizations including design, implementation and reporting
  • Working with the capital markets to place commercial paper, term notes and asset backed securities totaling in excess of $2 billion on an annual basis
  • Design, development and implementation of proprietary software that provides our partners with:
    • secure 24/7 access to their data
    • integration of information from virtually any system
    • ability to maintain multiple currencies
    • flexibility to manage multi-tiered organizations
  • Statutory and reporting compliance in all fifty states
  • Management of all accounting functions ranging from account analysis and reconciliations to financial statement preparation
  • Transaction processing
  • Global cash management
  • Risk management
  • Management reporting and trend analysis
  • Financial strategy evaluation
  • Foreign exchange 



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