Loan Portfolio Management – Accounting and Management Reporting


General Ledger Maintenance

The integration of information from a variety of sources into a program’s financial reporting system is essential to providing accurate and timely results.  Freedom Services utilizes a sophisticated general ledger system that is both flexible and capable of accepting data from a number of different mediums. Typical services provided to our partners include:

  • A chart of accounts that is designed to support the operating structure and reporting requirements for each of your programs.  
  • The general ledger system provides multi-currency functionality in addition to a tiered reporting structure that captures budgeted and actual results at the program and/or loan product level. 
  • Transactions are posted on a daily/weekly basis with automated feeds of activity from the loan systems.
  • All accounts are reconciled on a monthly basis with variances documented, resolved and communicated to the designated individual(s) within each of our partner’s organizations.
  • A wide range of standardized and ad-hoc reports can be produced to meet the specific needs of any program.  In addition to hard copy or electronic versions of these reports, the underlying data can be downloaded into Excel or a number of other reporting software products.  
  • Historical information from outside sources can be converted and loaded into the general ledger system so that year to year comparisons can be completed.



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