Loan Porftolio Management



Freedom Services’ team of professionals is experienced in developing and managing a diverse number of financial vehicles and will assist you in putting a funding mechanism in place that enables your program to meet and exceed its defined objectives.  During the day to day management of these instruments, Freedom Services provides its partners with:

  • Proprietary systems that monitor a variety of funding instruments including but not limited to bank loans, commercial paper, medium term notes and asset backed securities. 
  • Freedom Services’ professionals coordinate the placement of commercial paper with one or more of the dealers that have been designated to support your program(s). 
  • Interest/discount is accrued on a daily basis. 
  • A tracking system is utilized to ensure that payments are made as required and that maturities are distributed in accordance with the unique guidelines that have been put in place for each of our partners’ programs. 
  • Effective dates of loan and/or backup facilities are maintained in the system to prevent the issuance of debt outside of the program guidelines. 
  • Our team will prepare and process any documents that are required to draw on a bank line. 
  • Freedom Services encourages the periodic review of all funding protocols in order to effectively incorporate program changes as well as to address the impact that changes in the economy can have on a loan portfolio.



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