Loan Portfolio Management - Program Administration


Risk Management

Managing the financial risks associated with a loan portfolio is crucial to the success of any program, particularly in today’s economy.  Freedom Services' professionals are experienced in analyzing our partners’ exposure and managing the instruments that have been put into place to minimize the deviation between the funding and borrower rates.  Components of this process include: 

  • Programs that monitor fixed rate loans to determine if swaps should be put in place to protect against interest rate risk.
  • Competitive bids are obtained from designated counter-parties prior to placing swaps.
  • Swaps are tied to specific loans.
  • Periodic evaluations are completed to determine when swaps need to be placed or unwound based upon loan activity.
  • Settlements are automatically calculated based upon the appropriate index for each of the individual swaps.
  • Amortization and payment history is maintained for every swap instrument.



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